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Why choose to study abroad in the UK?

The UK education system is respected around the world. With a degree from a British university, you are showing the world that you are a highly employable graduate and that you have achieved a high-quality education while also facing the challenges of living and studying in a new country.

Teaching style

Teaching in the UK involves a combination of group lectures and discussion, individual learning and practical work or fieldwork. Balancing these different styles will help you to become a well-rounded student who is capable of adapting to new environments and expectations. Employers see this as an excellent quality when they are looking for job candidates.

Coursework and assessments

During your classes you will complete different types of assessments to ensure you understand new concepts and are progressing in your subject. Assessments may include coursework or project work (assignments with a specific focus), which you may work on alone or as part of a group project to improve your interpersonal and communication skills.

You will also be given participation points for regularly attending your classes and contributing to discussions. Participating in discussions is highly respected because learning to challenge ideas helps students to see new subjects from different viewpoints. Lastly, you will be given written assignments and a final dissertation, which is a piece of written work that is much longer than most essays, on a topic or question you agree with your tutor.

Responsibility for your learning

Degree study in the UK is designed to help you become an independent learner. Students at UK universities are taught to think and analyse information for themselves, although you do not have to work alone to reach success. Tutors are available on campus to help you through every subject and answer questions during and outside of class. With their support, you will gain the confidence to solve complex problems on your own.

Design your degree

Some universities in the UK offer flexible degree programmes. At Keele you have the opportunity to progress to a single honours degree, or design a combined honours degree. During your three-year degree at Keele you may study:

  • Single honours (specialise in one subject)
  • Combined honours (studying two subjects in depth).

With a combined honours degree, you have the flexibility to tailor your studies to your interests and career ambitions and expand your horizons to include more subject knowledge.

Preparing for degree study in the UK

You can begin your degree at Keele University with a programme at the International Study Centre. Pathway programmes at the International Study Centre will help you develop you the skills you need to succeed. You will improve your English language skills and subject knowledge while also learning specific skills needed for study at a UK university.