Pre-master’s programme

Prepare for your postgraduate degree.

What is a Pre-master’s Programme?

The Pre-master's programme is an intensive programme designed to prepare ambitious postgraduate international students for masters-level study. You will study over two terms, during which time you will develop your academic skills - either deepening the knowledge gained during your undergraduate degree, or discovering new subject areas. You will also improve your English language skills and develop the critical thinking and research skills needed to succeed in graduate-level study at Keele University.

Your Pre-Masters Programme

The Pre-master’s programme is available for students who want to study business and management. You will be assessed regularly throughout your course to make sure you are making good progress and achieving your goals. These include coursework, written exams, presentations and team projects.

Combined Visa

Save time and money, and experience a seamless transition to postgraduate success, by studying our Pre-Master’s and Master’s course with one visa. Doing this means you will benefit from:

  • Just one visa required for the whole length of your study
  • Over 30 alternatives to IELTS accepted as proof of student’s English language level*
  • Allows you to work up to 20 hours per week enhancing CV and graduate prospects
  • Suitable for students who have previously studied academic subjects in the UK
  • Gives you the opportunity to travel and explore the UK between courses.

*The English for Pre-master’s course is not covered by the Combined Visa. You will need to apply for a separate visa to cover this part of your studies.

Prepare for your degree

This two-term programme will help you expand your academic knowledge while developing your English language skills. During your Pre-master’s programme, you will study a combination of core and subject-specific modules that focus on academic areas most useful to your chosen degree.

When you receive confirmation of your place to study at the International Study Centre, you will receive a conditional offer of a place on one of the specified master’s degrees at the university. Once you successfully complete the programme, and achieve the required grades, you will join your chosen master’s degree.

English for Pre-master's

If you do not meet the required English language level for your programme, you can first take an English for Pre-master's course at the International Study Centre. This is designed to help you improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. You can then progress to the Pre-master's programme.