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Student blog: My favourite teachers

Posted 15 May 2016

My Media teacher is James (pictured above). He is very special, enthusiastic and a little strict. At the beginning of my studies, I had a lot of problems with English. I couldn’t understand what the teacher said and I couldn’t answer the questions when the teacher asked me. James always gives me a lot of opportunities to answer his questions, even though I spend too long organising my words. He always encourages me to join the class and gives a lot of suggestions for my coursework. 

My Politics teacher is Anna, she is very kind, responsible and a little strict. I am very grateful to her because she always checks our homework and gives us advice. Articles I read about homework help me write my essays. In addition, they help me improve my English reading skills. 

My International Relations teacher is David. He is very kind and patient. He gave me a lot of help when I was writing my essay. Therefore, I got a higher mark for my essay. 

My English and Skills for University Study (ESUS) teacher is David. He not only helps us in our studies, but also shares his life with us. I remember that the pancake made by his family is very good. He also helped me make my first English essay more perfect. 

I am so happy and so lucky to have met all of those teachers because they help me improve myself and develop my confidence to study in the future.

Blog by Shiloh from China
Studying International Year One in International Relations and Politics

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