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Keele University International Study Centre

Why choose the International Study Centre?

Your university experience starts here

The International Study Centre is your first step towards gaining a high quality education from a respected university and preparing for your future. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and the world. You will expand your horizons as you experience new cultures, immerse yourself in the UK education system and make lifelong friends.

University preparation

Our programmes at the International Study Centre will introduce you to the style of teaching that you will have at Keele University. You will participate in tutorials, seminars and lectures, similar to the classes you will experience during your degree to gain academic knowledge. You will also participate in team working activities and group projects that will improve your interpersonal skills and English language level.

We want all our students to do well in their studies and make the most of the opportunities the University has to offer. We will monitor your academic progress and support you through your coursework to make sure you achieve the results you need.

International Study Centre programmes are provided by Study Group in collaboration with Keele University.

Pathway programmes

At the International Study Centre, you can study one of three different pathway programmes, each with unique route options. Depending on your academic goals, you can choose from the:

Each of these programmes is specially designed help you prepare with the academic skills you need to pursue your interests. During your programme, you will live and learn on Keele’s amazing campus, one of the most beautiful and the largest in the UK, with full access to the facilities you need.

Your degree at Keele

Once you complete your programme at the International Study Centre, and achieve the required grades, you will be able to progress to your chosen undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Keele University. Keele is a Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Gold Institution, known for producing highly employable graduates, so you can be sure you will study alongside a strong, academic student community.

What do our students say?

Darill, a student at Keele University International Study Centre, stands outside the Business school

"Studying at the International Study Centre, I get to learn more about the basic stuff that I need to know for university. And all these skills allowed me to progress smoothly."

High progression

86% of students who completed their course at the International Study Centre were offered a place to study at Keele University in 2018.

About the International Study Centre

Why the ISC

Prepare for your future

Be part of a friendly community

While we will support you to achieve your academic goals, we know that studying abroad involves more than just studying. You will be encouraged to join the student clubs, attend events and be active in the student community so that you have an enjoyable student experience.

As a student at the International Study Centre, you will be a part of Keele University's student community from your very first day. We will help you find your way around campus, show you where to find everything you need and introduce you to other students.

Improve your employability

We know that you have big goals to achieve great things. That’s why pathway programmes at the International Study Centre include integrated career activities. We will help you define your career goal and develop key employability skills.

Your career development will continue to be supported when you progress to the University. Keele has one of the highest graduate employability rates with 96% of graduates in work or further education within 6 months of graduation. (HESA, 2017).