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Welcome to Keele University International Study Centre

Take the first step towards your future at Keele University International Study Centre. In a supportive learning environment, our specially designed pathway programmes will prepare you with the skills you need to succeed in your degree at Keele University. Our experienced and friendly teachers will help you learn and build confidence so that you can go on to succeed in your chosen degree and beyond.

Join a global campus

Your life at Keele University starts the moment you arrive at the International Study Centre. For many students, this will is your first time living - or even travelling - abroad. We will help you adjust to your new environment, and help you make the most of this exciting experience as you learn to live independently in the UK.

Your classes will take place at the heart of the Keele University campus, alongside other international students, helping you adjust to living abroad. Here, you will find everything you need and become part of a strong and friendly student community.