Achieve a degree from a UK university that is highly respected by employers and globally recognised.

Why study in the UK?

Universities in the UK offer a wide choice of undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, with highly ranked programmes and globally recognised courses. UK universities rank among the best in the world. With a long history of success, you will graduate with a degree that helps you to stand out in the job market.

Focus on your degree

While studying abroad in the UK, you will specialise in your main subject area from the beginning of your chosen degree. Your course will be a combination of core modules related to your main subject, and elective modules.

This focus on your subject is ideal for students who know what they want to study, and means you can complete your education more quickly. Most undergraduate degree courses are shorter than other countries, saving you money on tuition and helping you enter your career sooner.

Teaching style

Teaching in the UK usually involves a combination of group lectures and discussion, individual learning and practical work or fieldwork. Balancing these different styles helps to create well-rounded students, capable of adapting to new environments and expectations.

During your classes you will complete different types of assessments to ensure you understand new concepts and are progressing in your field. Assessments may include coursework, project work, participation, written assignments and a final dissertation.

Design your degree

Some universities in the UK will offer you the ability to tailor your degree to your interests and ambitions. At Keele, students have the unique opportunity to progress to a single honours degree, or design a dual honours degree.

  • A single honours degree allows you to specialise in one subject for the duration of your undergraduate degree.
  • A dual honours degree allows you in-depth study of two subjects, over a three-year period.

With a dual honours degree you have the flexibility to tailor your degree to your interests and career ambitions.

Top quality education

All universities in the UK are monitored by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), to ensure you are being provided a great education.