Keele University

Studying abroad in the UK is a great way to experience a new culture while gaining a prestigious degree. The UK education system is respected throughout the world, so your studies here will help you forge a successful future. 

Benefits of studying in the UK

The UK has a global reputation for academic excellence, and Keele University has a Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Gold Award as well as being in the Top 5 in the TEF rankings. A degree from a respected UK university like Keele will help you stand out to employers around the world.

You can study two subjects in depth on a combined honours degree programme at Keele. This gives you a broader knowledge base and allows you to tailor your degree to your ambitions and interests.

British universities are home to welcoming student communities and, wherever you choose to study, you are never too far from a city or beautiful countryside. Keele is known for its strong community spirit enjoyed by students living on its beautiful parkland campus

The UK is a welcoming place for international students to live and study. The UK’s diverse, multicultural communities make it easy to fit in wherever in the world you are from.

You will learn a lot outside of your studies as well as in the classroom by living in the UK. The UK has a long and unique history for you to discover within its many museums and cultural attractions. 

Life in the UK

Modern British society is diverse. It is easy for you to reach the many multicultural cities and towns in the UK by train, car or coach. You can explore the natural beauty of its vast green spaces too. Start with Keele's 600-acre parkland campus without travelling anywhere.

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Education in the UK

Within the globally respected UK education system there is a strong focus on teaching you to think for yourself. Leading academics and supportive staff will guide you to take responsibility for your own learning, using teaching methods such as lectures, seminars and field trips.

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