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Students excel at the International Study Centre and 97% progress to Keele University

Keele University welcomes even more graduates from the International Study Centre this year. An impressive 97% of international students who completed their course received an offer to continue studying at the University.

We spoke to Sean Frank-Peterside who studied the International Year 1 programme in Business and Management. He has progressed to a BA (Hons) Economics and Finance degree, one of the programmes that has such a high progression rate for our students. He said:

“The tutors at the International Study Centre are so helpful. The classrooms are much smaller than at university, so they get to know you and you feel you can ask them anything. Students who came to Keele as direct entry found it much, much harder. We were better prepared having been at the International Study Centre - probably better than the home students. We were talked to, not lectured at.”

Our International Study Centre gives students the confidence and skills to achieve your goals while studying with us and beyond. The stellar progression result and student feedback highlight our dedication to quality teaching and student success. The University achieved the highest award in the new Teaching Excellence Framework this year, and our students have ranked Keele University first for satisfaction in the past three years.

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