Keele University

Student blog: Keele feels like home

Keele students relaxing on campus

The ISC experience has already developed me into an individual who can clearly understand and live in in Great Britain without a problem.

The environment, which the ISC offered me and every single student in it, is outstanding.

But why are we talking about the past? It still continues to impress. The tutors have already become our long lasting friends, at least that's what I'd like to think. There are obviously some tutors students prefer over others, but that's just personal preference and the subject one is studying.

The ISC has given us skills that a university wouldn't be able to give us. Personal tutoring and friendliness has gotten us ahead of other foreign students at Keele who are not studying at the ISC, despite the fact that there are only about 200 ISC students.

The ISC has given us a home beyond our own. 

By Levan from Georgia
Studying International Relations and Politics