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Student blog: Settling into life at Keele ISC

Students relaxing at Keele

I love travelling and I travel a lot with my family. This is the first time in my life that I have been thousands of kilometers away from my parents, family and friends for so long. 

This is quite challenging, firstly because my parents were taking care of me, but now I have to look after myself and do things that I have never done before, like cooking for example. Secondly, homesickness bothers me from time to time. Finally, the most important and challenging thing is that I have a responsibility to do well in my studies.

But, there is a place that helps me overcome these obstacles – the International Study Centre at Keele University. I think this is a wonderful place as a starting point for international students, as there are tutors who are very helpful in terms of getting used to the university atmosphere and lifestyle.

It is April now, but I clearly remember my first day at the ISC in September. The staff and tutors were very friendly and helped us to sort out our documents. They organised different entertaining programs for us in order for us to make friends with other students. We were even awarded small prizes for our achievements. Generally I do not take part in such events very much, but it was such fun that I even put on clothes made out of newspapers. From the first glance, one may think that this was a waste of time, but for me it was really important as it helped me to adapt to the university life much quicker. In addition, I have unforgettable memories from my first week at ISC.

By Katie from Georgia
Studying International Relations and Politics