Keele ISC student Ana from India

"One of the reasons I came to Keele University is because they provide different, unusual types of dual honours degrees. I’m interested in artificial intelligence and computing, as well as business.

I think there is a larger international community [in the UK], and the way they teach here is different than in India. [The teachers] are more interactive with you and they don’t make you memorise something out of a book.

I’m thinking of getting some work experience and then progressing to a Masters in Computing."

Ana from India
Studied International Year One in Computing
Progressed to Smart Systems and International Business BSc (Hons) – dual honours

Keele ISC student Yuki from Japan

"The Media class has only four students so it's more interactional. Our tutor is really nice. He has a lot of knowledge about media and also business. He gives me a lot of information.

Keele has an International Year One. I think that's a very good course because if I complete the course I can go to the second year of the degree – I can graduate within three years. 

There are so many clubs and societies. I'm a member of a mountaineering club. I went to Snowdonia in North Wales two weeks ago. I was staying with a lot of British students. It was fun."

Yuki from Japan
Studied International Year One in Media
Progressed to Media and Marketing BA (Hons) – dual honours

Keele student Eyram from Ghana

"All the teachers are helpful and they make you understand everything they teach. 

I would really recommend the UK, especially Keele University. Keele is very nice, very comfortable and quiet. And I like the environment. I like everything over here.

I love studying Business and Management. And I hope to help my dad in his business."

Eyram from Ghana
Studied International Year One in Business and Management
Progressed to Business Management and Human Resource Management BA (Hons) – dual honours

Keele ISC student Ekow from Ghana

"Keele is a really good university. I like the teaching style. In Ghana they tend to spoon-feed you, but here you have to think for yourself. You have to study on your own. They test us more. That’s how it is in the real world, that’s how it is in the professional world.

My dreams is to work for a prestigious computer firm like Microsoft, then go back to Ghana and start my own software business."

Ekow from Ghana
Studied International Year One in Computing
Progressed to Computer Science BSc (Hons)