The International Year One at the Keele University International Study Centre leads to the second year of a range of exciting dual honours degree. Studying a dual honours degree gives you the opportunity to broaden your skills and your career options.

What is a dual honours degree?

A dual honours degree allows you to study two degree subjects in-depth and in equal amounts, over three years. 

What can it do for you?

Today’s employers are looking for adaptable, multi-skilled graduates who understand different disciplines. Dual honours degrees broaden your knowledge and your career prospects by giving you the flexibility to design your studies around your career ambitions and the subjects that interest you most. 

All of the dual honours degree combinations are fully recognised by employers and professions, so you can be confident that you will learn the skills and knowledge you need to establish a successful career in your chosen field.

Combinations to suit you

There are many degree combinations to choose from, with a choice of modules in each, providing additional flexibility. Popular combinations currently include:

  • Business Management and Marketing
  • International Relations and International Business
  • Computer Science and Finance
  • Media Communications and Culture and Business Management